Migrating Mailserver

My new mailserver experienced hardware problems related to harddisks and/or motherboard. The problem first occured in /var/log/messages as command timed out on the ata disk.

Then later, Ext3 was experiencing aborted journal, which then make the filesystem read-only. This promptly caused problem with the mailserver activity since people couldn’t send/receive mails anymore.

At first, rebooting the machine would temporarily solve the problem, but it became more often everyday and worsened, I couldn’t even log into the machine anymore.

So, we decided to move back the mailserver to the old machine temporarily. We need to backup this:

  1. The vpopmail database in mysql.
  2. /var/qmail/
  3. /home/vpopmail/
  4. /var/log/qmail/
  5. /var/log/maildrop/
  6. /etc/mail/
  7. /.spamassassin/
  8. /etc/tcprules.d/
  9. /usr/share/toaster/mrtg/
  10. /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf, along with any htaccess password file.

The cause of the problem is still unknown, but I suspect these:

  1. Electrical surge from an old UPS used by the mailserver.
  2. The temperature of the server room is too cold. 18 degree celcius? I need to check the operational temperature for the harddisk.

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