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During 2005, there were many significant things happened in Indonesia IT sector. Started in the beginning of the year when police raided internet cafes and businesses who used illegal copy of MS Windows and related softwares. This raid is based on the Indonesia Intellectual Property Rights No. 19/2002.

There was a polemic though, that some internet cafes who have used legal copies were still raided. It turned out that the EULA of MS Windows prohibits the rental of it’s software. Luckily it then can be solved after MS agreed to modify it’s EULA specifically for Internet cafes. Well, this enforcement left two choices: either buy the software legally, or use Open Source software. For those who wanted to buy it, better prepare to dig deep into the wallet. Therefore, from licensing point of view, of course using Open Source Software is the most logical and economical solution, especially in the ever rising cost of living in developing country like Indonesia.

From the migration party, even in low profile and not known publicly, some groups of big companies are planning or already migrating to Open Source. This is of course not an easy thing and needs very well prepared planning. And also the number of skillful person in Open Source is still very limited.

So, in order to help Open Source movement from human resources aspect, this Fast Track Introduction to Linux course material is made. And also to upheld the spirit of Open Source, this training material is licensed according to Creative Commons like the one stated at whose points: 1). Must be attributed according to the writer, 2). Not for commercial use, 3). Share alike, that is all resulting work and modification must be licensed identically like this one. Therefore, hopefully the openness of this document will stay the same and can be benefited for all people who need it, especially for educational purposes.

Thank you to Mr. Onno W. Purbo and Mr. I Made Wiryana for giving me inspiration to share with everyone, and also to Mr. Bambang Gunawan whom I admire and respect like my own father, and last but not least, thank you to all friends in the Open Source movement, our togetherness is really something.

It can be downloaded from:

Viva Liberty!
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