Experiencing Software Freedom Day Singapore 2008

I’ve just got arrived in Singapore for three weeks, and I was happened to be able to attend Software Freedom Day Singapore 2008. It’s all started when I joined Singapore Linux User Group (SLUG). Then I saw the announcement at http://www.softwarefreedomday.sg

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How to setup LCD Projector and Notebook with Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty

Ubuntu is one of distros whose popularity is phenomenal in the last 2 years. We can see it at http://www.distrowatch.com Ubuntu has been ranked #1 for the last 2,5 years. 

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Tired with your MS Windows? Use Linux!

It seems that almost every one of us has been a victim of computer virus. From a very minor annoyance to a big pain in the back re-installing the whole operating system. Dan how often? Veryyyy often.. No matter if we have installed antivirus program with regular updates, there is always a possibility that we might get infected with a computer virus. So, why wait? Use Linux. There’s more to it….

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Installing Linux Remotely

One of the feature of Linux that I admire most is it’s ability to be installed remotely. Meaning? Yes, we can install it from a different location, either it is from a different floor, different building, different city, or even different country. This is most useful for a corporate with many branches but limited IT staffs.

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Let’s block cracker using Denyhosts

For those who have server that is always connected to the internet, it is common to notice in the log file that someone has been trying to gain entry into the server by using  dictionary attack or brute force attack.

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Automatic Backup Script for Postgresql Database

Postgresql (http://www.postgresql.org) is one of the truly Open Source, with features more or less compares to commercial product. This article will guide you through the making of automatic backup script for postgresql server, daily, weekly, monthly, compressed, and rotated.

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Let’s make SMS Gateway using Itegno GSM Modem, Kannel, & Playsms

To make our own SMS Gateway has a tough challenge. Actually there are many documentations about this on the internet, but few are really suitable for newbie. After 2 weeks of sleepless nights, I manage to set it up. What's so different if we send sms using program from our cell phone? Well using Kannel and Playsms we can make it multiuser and can be accessed from the internet.

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Download Introduction to Linux Arinet Course

During 2005, there were many significant things happened in Indonesia IT sector. Started in the beginning of the year when police raided internet cafes and businesses who used illegal copy of MS Windows and related softwares. This raid is based on the Indonesia Intellectual Property Rights No. 19/2002.

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Me, Linux, and Open Source – A personal reflection

 This article is a bit of my personal
toward recent development that is happening in
Indonesia. How Microsoft is so agresive and ‘spectacular’ in
penetrating major aspects of Indonesian people’s life, such as in
businesses, government, and education. This article hopefully can
also be a reference for those who are still hesitate in using
Linux and Open Source Software.

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